Widening Access

A great education can transform a boy’s life, and we hope that, in return, it will enable him to transform the lives of others. A key part of our responsibility is to reach out to as many young people as possible. Talented pupils are an inspiration to all, and a greater mix of cultures and backgrounds is healthy preparation for all Tonbridgians for life beyond school. Our aim is to give four Foundation Awards each year.


  • Project cost £3.7m
  • Funded by the School £2.7m*
  • Funded by philanthropy £1m
  • Target 24 boys by 2018
  • *includes Judd Foundation support
"What has and continues to amaze me about Tonbridge is the wide range of opportunities that are available to any student. Teamwork and achievement are easy, as you know that your school is always supporting you. I would like to thank all the friends of the School who have given me the chance to be a Tonbridgian, through the Foundation Awards scheme."

Liam Node (PS 2007-11) House Foundation Award Recipient.

Scholarships and bursaries have always been an important part of the culture and ethos at Tonbridge. Our House Foundation Awards (means-tested up to 100% bursaries) are offered to boys, who not only have significant talent and enthusiasm, but also have a thirst for knowledge and are open to new experiences and challenges and are ready to embrace this life-changing opportunity.

More broadly our aim continues to be that no boy who could benefit from a Tonbridge education is prevented from doing so because of an inability to pay the fees. Currently 10% of the boys receive some level of means-tested support. In order to achieve this the School forgoes approximately £2.5m of fee income annually with the House Foundation Awards representing a significant proportion of this total amount.

At the heart of the EfA campaign is our ambition to offer a further 24 boys a House Foundation Award of 80-100% means-tested fee-remission as part of our commitment to ‘Excellence for All’.

Campaign news

Thank You

Posted 22 September 2017

This summer, 14 recent leavers spoke to over 400 OTs and parents from all over the world during Tonbridge School’s 2017 Telephone Campaign. Details were updated, stories exchanged and donations given. Thank you so much to everyone who took part in the campaign. Nearly £90,000 has been


The 2017 Telephone Campaign

Posted 6 July 2017

The Telephone Campaign is run by the Tonbridge School Development Office with the specific objectives of raising money for Excellence for All, updating the community on school news and forthcoming events and answering any questions there may be. This summer the team of  14 Young OTs, who will be based in Old Judde language laboratory, will be talking to parents and OTs between 3rd – 17th July.


Thank You from the Headmaster. Excellence for All video.

Posted 5 May 2017

As many will know, Tonbridge is going through its biggest development programme since the 19th Century. Following the launch of the Excellence for All campaign, we have made tremendous progress transforming the School campus, improving the educational experience for all boys, and offering more bursaries to families who would otherwise have been unable to consider a Tonbridge education.


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